Schuler Group delivers four minting presses

The State Mints of Baden-Württemberg’s minting presses have been in action for more than 25 years. Time for a renewal of the machine park, thought Germany’s largest minting company, which has now ordered a total of four new systems from the Schuler Group. Three of them will be delivered to the Stuttgart location, another on to Karlsruhe.

Excitement reaches fever-pitch at gymnastics worlds

The air was thick with anticipation in Stuttgart – not only the gymnasts, but the spectators in the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer Hall could hardly contain their excitement too. The fate of the first medal in this year’s gymnastics world championship was about to be decided. The team at the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg wasn’t prepared to let this moment of truth slip away and could be seen amongst this fever-pitch crowd.

A genuine project for winners

Seven companies from Baden-Württemberg worked closely together to develop the winners’ medals for this year’s Gymnastics World Cup in Stuttgart. A challenging project that could only be achieved through great cooperation. And it proved to be a roaring success.

“It’s truly an honor to receive such a medal”

The Stuttgart-based mint received a celebrity visit on Wednesday 21 August 2019: gymnast and Olympic Games winner Fabian Hambüchen came to the mint press to stamp the winners’ medal for the upcoming Gymnastics World Cup. The event is to take place this October in Stuttgart and it has already been tipped as “one of the best gymnastics world cups of all time”.

Assistant Undersecretary Walter Leibold mints the first 5-euro collector coin “Subtropical Climate Zone”

On 8 December 2017, Assistant Undersecretary Walter Leibold has struck the very first 5-euro collector coin “Subtropical Climate Zone”. He thus set the wheels in motion for the production of the second issue of the “Climate Zones of the Earth” coin series. All coins in the series are equipped with a polymer ring between the […]

Polymer Coin Wins IACA Award for Best Coin Innovation

The IACA Excellence in Currency 2017 Coin Awards were conferred during The Coin Conference in Warsaw on October 24, 2017. The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Bavarian State Mint were awarded the prize for Best Coin Innovation for their coin featuring a polymer ring. Every two years, the International Association of Currency Affairs bestows […]

‘I consider this a real innovation’

In mid-December, the Finance Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Edith Sitzmann minted the first five-euro coin of the new series ‘Climate zones of the Earth’ in Karlsruhe. Subsequently, we had the opportunity to talk to her about the innovation of the new polymer coin as well as the special role of the mints in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The five-euro […]

Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann strikes the first 5 euro coin: “Tropical Zone”

On Monday 12 December in Karlsruhe, Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann minted the first 5 euro coin “Tropical Zone”. The coin has a translucent red polymer ring and is the first of five coins forming the series “Climate Zones of the Earth” released by the Federal Ministry of Finance. “I am pleased to begin the minting […]

Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann and Mint Master Peter Huber present the latest art medal honouring “Andreas Stihl”

On Wednesday 26 October, Finance Minister Edith Sitzmann presented the latest art medal from the series “Inventors from Baden-Wuerttemberg” in Waiblingen, together with the Head of the State Mint of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Peter Huber. The art medal is dedicated to Andreas Stihl, “Father of the Chainsaw”. “Our intention behind the art medal series “Inventors from Baden-Wuerttemberg” […]

The Federal Ministry of Finance is planning to release a five-part series of 5 euro collector coins with a coloured polymer ring.

The Federal Ministry of Finance is planning to release a five-part series of 5 euro collector coins with a coloured polymer ring. The new series, entitled “Climate Zones of the Earth”, follows concerning its topic the first innovative 5 euro collector coin “Planet Earth” (a global innovation with its blue polymer ring), which was released […]