Your own medal

Eine Erinnerung für die Ewigkeit

For over 500 years medals have served as reminders of events that should not vanish into oblivion. They have been ordered by both, kings and ordinary citizens such as you and I. Generations of connoisseurs had medals made on the occasion of moments which mattered to them. If you order your own medal at the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg, you’ll join in a centuries-long tradition.

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What you should know before ordering a medal

Your own motif

We can implement any motif you would like onto a medal die. Anything is possible, from your personal inscription to a portrait. What’s important is that you have an exact idea of what you would like to be depicted on the medal. If you wish to have an image on the medal, we require as clear a picture as possible of the motif. No matter whether we have to deal with a photo or an outline drawing, in black and white or in colour, as an eps, jpg or tiff file, we need a resolution between 700 and 800 dpi to guarantee optimal die quality.

Production time

If you opt for creating your medal applying the highly artistic process using a plaster model, there is a minimum production time of 3 months. Of course there exist more time-saving methods. If you want to spare time and money you can choose die production using computer graphics. In such cases, we can produce the die in less than two weeks.

medal federal president Steinmeier gold back side
medal federal president Steinmeier gold front side

How much can you expect to pay?

Minting your own medal is not as expensive as you might think. If we implement a design for you, which already exists on file, the cost can be as low as €700 for each side of the medal. An artistic execution of your portrait or another image using a plaster model will cost €1,900. Additional costs include the blank and minting.

Blanks available

Generally, you are free to choose which kind of metal and which size of medal you would like. However, to save time and money it is worthwhile to consider a standard size. In addition, we can offer you attractive packaging options for all standard sized blanks. The cost of the blanks depends on the latest precious metal prices. We usually have the following blanks in stock at all times:

Fine gold Ø 18 mm 2,5g
Fine silver Ø 30 mm approx. 15g
Fine silver Ø 40 mm approx. 25g
Fine silver Ø 50 mm approx. 45g
Fine silver Ø 65 mm approx. 205g
Sterling silver Ø 18 mm 2,5g
Bronze Ø 40 mm
Bronze Ø 50 mm
Bronze Ø 65 mm approx. 165g
Copper Ø 40 mm
Cupronickel (silver-plated/gold-plated) Ø 40 mm

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“It’s truly an honor to receive such a medal”