World debut: Polymer medal Baden-Württemberg

Polymermedaillen Baden-Württemberg


Discover world’s first medal with high-tech polymer ring

Our special capacity for innovation is also seen in the coin sector. The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg played a vital part in the development of a global first in polymer technology: the polymer ring. The technology was created after years of research and is unrivalled when it comes to preventing money forging. A ground-breaking technology that has found its way into medal striking for the first time.

High-tech Polymer

Translucent polymer developed for minting technology

Finest silver

Fine silver 999/1000 guaranteed

Best minting quality

Proof quality minted in single production

Limited edition

Every motif is limited to 2,000 pieces

Polymermedaille Lebensart Rückseite mit transparentem Polymerring


Material: Fine silver (Ag999), translucent high-tech polymer ring
Diameter: Ø 30 mm
Quality: Proof
Weight: approx. 13,1 g
Designer: Claudius Riedmiller

Polymermedaille Prozessor Rückseite mit transparentem Polymerring
Polymermedaille Prozessor Vorderseite mit transparentem Polymerring


Material: Fine silver (Ag999), translucent blue high-tech polymer ring
Diameter: Ø 30 mm
Quality: Proof
Weight: approx. 13,1 g
Designer: Claudius Riedmiller



Ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and a special kind of work ethic – a unique combination that makes the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg one of Europe’s most successful regions economically. No other German state hosts so many market leaders and pools such a high level of technical expertise as the state lovingly referred to as ‘dear little Swabia’. The home of tinkerers and inventors brought us not only the automobile, the bicycle and the chainsaw, but also many other pioneering examples of ingenuity to which this fine silver medal, with a translucent blue polymer ring and manufactured to the highest mint quality, is dedicated.

Polymermedaille Prozessor Vorderseite mit transparentem Polymerring
Stilisiertes Logo Baden-Württemberg

One side features an aerial view of Baden-Wuerttemberg’s mints: the nineteenth-century mint in Karlsruhe impresses with its breath-taking architecture, while our twentieth-century site in Stuttgart represents a particular kind of modernity thanks to its industrial design. An image that illustrates the guiding ideas of the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg only too well:  traditional handicraft meets innovation – and it’s a hit!



Baden-Wuerttemberg is known for its remarkable capacity for business and innovation. Yet above all its charm can be attributed to its carefully nurtured customs, traditions and idiosyncrasies. We are known for stressing the importance of being thrifty, hard-working and well organised. But sipping a glass of wine within the comfort of our own four walls soon has us letting our hair down and forgetting all about the upcoming ‘Kehrwoche’. This fine silver medal with translucent polymer ring, manufactured to the highest mint quality, is dedicated to the multi-faceted way of life in Baden-Wuerttemberg that makes our region and its inhabitants so endearing.

Assistant Undersecretary Walter Leibold mints the first 5-euro collector coin “Subtropical Climate Zone”

Polymer Coin Wins IACA Award for Best Coin Innovation

‘I consider this a real innovation’