A genuine project for winners

presentation of the winners medals for the gymnastics world championship in Stuttgart

Seven companies from Baden-Württemberg worked closely together to develop the winners’ medals for this year’s Gymnastics World Cup in Stuttgart. A challenging project that could only be achieved through great cooperation. And it proved to be a roaring success.

Mint Director Dr. Peter Huber, Host Bernd Kußmaul, Minister President Winfried Kretschmann and Wolfgang Drexler, President of the Swabian Gymnastics Federation.

Finally, the moment had arrived. On 21 August the winners’ medals for the upcoming Gymnastics World Cup in Weinstadt were revealed to the world for the first time. Representatives from the world of politics, sports and finance gathered together to experience the moment firsthand. “This medal puts us in a league of our very own”, enthused Wolfgang Drexler, President of the Swabian Gymnastics Federation.

Pooled local expertise

This joyful event was the result of a lengthy design and manufacturing process which required the full commitment of all the companies involved. The responsibilities of manufacturer Bernd Kußmaul included the concept, design and finish of the medal. “It was a long journey from the initial concept to the finished medal. It required a great deal of effort and drive from the team”, said Managing Director Bernd Kußmaul. “But as everybody put their heart and soul into it, we are able to hold this fantastic product in our hands today”. Kußmaul sought the technical expertise of the State Mint of Baden-Württemberg which excels at engraving and stamping medals. Mint Director Dr. Peter Huber was “delighted that we took on this challenge and were able to count ourselves as partners in this unique project.”

Minister President Winfried Kretschmann also hailed their efforts:

“Sport and sports competitions are important for society and should be fostered, there’s no doubt about that. Which is what makes today’s medal presentation all the better as it demonstrates the work of local companies coming together. I’m proud of our state’s achievements!”

Bernd Kußmaul, Olympic winner Fabian Hambüchen and Steffen Herr, Managing Director Bandweberei Bauer

Sustainability makes all the difference

In addition to its modern design and a motif just shy of three millimeters high, the medal also has another unique quality: its ribbon has been made from recycled plastic bottles. Bauer, the Mainhardt-based supplier of the ribbon, revealed some insights into its development. “We wanted to create something original that would complement and frame the medal without taking the attention away from it”, explains Managing Director Steffen Herr. “All eyes will continue to fall on the medal itself”. The promise of sustainability was always at the heart of the project. After all, “even the most minor projects should aim to save resources and act with foresight”. With that in mind, the medal also reached new standards in this regard and illustrated the importance of showing environmental responsibility – whether in the world of business, politics or sport.

Dr. Peter Huber, Fabian Hambüchen

Medal fever breaks loose

The enthusiasm for the winners’ medals was palpable among the visitors, as was the growing anticipation for the world cup as it draws closer. “Every day we are getting that little bit closer to the world cup. I can’t wait”, revealed Elisabeth Seitz, gymnast for Germany’s national team and member of MTV Stuttgart. “Just holding this fantastic medal in my hands is further impetus to give it my all”. We wish her all the best and extend our gratitude once again to everyone who was involved in this memorable project – a genuine project for winners.

by Silke Molling