International Co-operation

We believe in co-operation on both national and international levels. We collaborate with other mints, research institutes, private-sector companies, associations and public institutions. In this day and age, true innovation is possible only when multiple parties put their heads together.

Our polymer coin is the product of a German working group composed of:  Dr Peter Huber, Mint Director of the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg; and Guenther Waadt, Mint Director of the Bavarian State Mint; as well as representatives from the German Central Bank; Crane Payment Innovations and the European Vending Association; the blank manufacturer Saxonia; and the RWTH Aachen University.

The State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg play an active role in the German “Münztechnikertagung” and the European Mint Directors’ Working Group. We also sit on the Technical Committee of the Mint Directors Conference, contributing to their Benchmarking Project.

A representative of the State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg attends every major international conference and would be delighted to get in touch with you on the day.

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